Synopsis ‘The Hills of Venus’


Dr. Marty Powell is a typical university professor, who teaches Astrology at Cambridge and publishes books on astronomy, especially on his favorite subject – the planet Venus.

His wife Helen is the CFO of a New York based Internet company. They seem to live happily in London’s Kensington but Marty develops a kind of depressive schizophrenia. At first it seems to be not much more than a midlife crisis in full bloom. While he pretends to be the most normal husband to the outside he lives a hidden life of sexual fantasies.

An affair with one of his students turns his life upside down. He believes to be terminally-ill and turns not only suicidal but also begins to openly oppose the power of government and the silent death of our freedom. His political opposition gets him fired from his teaching position at the university.

The final kick over the edge is a high-school class reunion, where he realizes what society and peer pressures does to people and their lives. He flees the UK in the company of one of his high-school classmates and drives through
Europe in mad search for purpose. Sitting on the rock in Gibraltar he realizes that we all have
become prisoners of our own morality.



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