Synopsis ‘Tartarus’


After the world has gone through a global political and financial catastrophe, various groups of people try to reshape their societies to make them more stable, more just, more faithful.

Preachers travel the world and bring the message of God to the people. He speaks directly to the people from the temple and he speaks of the coming of the Saviour. The global one, the final one, the one prophet to be equal in all faiths.

Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America have all taken dramatic political turns and religiousfanaticism has stopped to exist. Mostly because the secular governments have ceased to exist. Halacha, Sharia and the word of the Vatican Council are LAW:

The characters of the “Deity” and “Journey To Eden” reappear. Sometimes in person, in spirit or as reincarnation and they all know that their life has just one purpose – to prepare the world for the coming of the Saviour.

In the heart of Africa, in one of the most impoverished places on earth, in an area that many scientist call the cradle of mankind, a new form of society is developing. They too live by the faith, but not in God or the Saviour but in humanity. The society they have created is stunning in its simplicity, beauty and justice. When the Saviour finally arrives the world takes another step to the brink of Armaggeddon.



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