Synopsis – ‘Journey To Eden’

Reviews on Amazon:
Seejay Gupta, Texas-based Internet entrepreneur and man of many women, embarks on a business trip to Europe to acquire new software technology. Invited aboard the classic-style sailing barque Eden by his potential business associate, he finds himself not only among people with different moral standards, but suddenly baffled by a riddle of historical proportions that unfolds along a string of Mediterranean islands.To Seejay’s surprise, his business associate seems more interested in mythology than technology. His travel companions favor research into the gods of ancient Egypt and Greece, the mystical islands of Atlantis and Thule, and the fertility cults of the Neolithic temples of Malta over financial subjects. What could the Freemasons, the secret of Jacob’s Ladder and witchcraft have to do with the quantum physical substance of the human soul?

What other than a woman could make matters even more complicated for Seejay? Onboard Eden, his quest for more money turns into a quest for a fulfilling purpose in life. A mind-bending experience of ancient temple rituals leads Seejay to the volcanic island of Lipari, where he solves the riddle and discovers the surprising secret of his ancestry.

Author’s Note: ‘Journey To Eden’




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