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Social BPM Handbook 2011

I was recently invited to participate in the ‘Social BPM Handbook 2011’ to be published by Future Strategies in June 2011. This is an important subject covered by a great collection of expert arcitcles, while I don’t fully agree that BPM and Social are natural complements. Rather the opposite! My contribution is thus titled: How … Continue reading

The Noble Sword

My recent activities have been influenced strongly through my use of social networks. The opportunities to be distracted are exploding and it is easy to lose focus. I try to find a balance in listening and sharing. As much as I see social networks as a powerful means they cannot replace real world experiences. So … Continue reading

Executive Styles – Effective or Efficient?

My own style of management mandates that I only hire people who are better than me at what I am hiring them for. Only weak executives/managers hire second rate candidates! They also tend to enjoy the mushroom style management, meaning to keep people in the dark and feed them S#!T. These execs fit perfectly into … Continue reading

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