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Social BPM Handbook 2011

I was recently invited to participate in the ‘Social BPM Handbook 2011’ to be published by Future Strategies in June 2011. This is an important subject covered by a great collection of expert arcitcles, while I don’t fully agree that BPM and Social are natural complements. Rather the opposite! My contribution is thus titled: How … Continue reading

Mastering The Unpredictable

Recently I co-authored a book on ACM Adaptive Case Management. Many current implementations of process and case management solutions are at odds with modern management concepts. While that applies to all workers, it is especially relevant for highly skilled knowledge workers. Motivation is achieved by empowering people to be valuable team members rather than through … Continue reading

‘Beyond Reengineering’ by Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer is THE name in Process Reengineering. He co-authored its bible: ‘Reengineering the Corporation’. In ‘Beyond Reengineering’ which he wrote about 5 years later he tries to expand on the first one. From my perspective he nearly steps away from the message of the first book. Many proponents of reenginering have done so. Mostly … Continue reading

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